What clients say

What clients say

“I’m a complete newbie to kinesiology and came to it with an open mind. I feel the huge benefit that the sessions and Alice’s recommendations have had. Not only has my digestive health improved, but at a fundamental level I’ve been able to process locked up stress and emotion that I’ve been carrying for some time, giving me a different view on people and life. Thank you so much for helping me harness my own energy to support my ongoing self improvement”

– Kris

“I went to Alice with a chronically painful neck and thanks to her incredible touch, after 3 sessions, my symptoms are so much more manageable. After each session, I experienced a tremendous sense of relief. There was less stiffness, a lot less pain and I was able to stop taking pain killers. Alice brings more than ‘just’ intelligence and fact-based knowledge to her therapeutic sessions. She also brings sensitivity, kindness and deep human compassion.”

– Toisy

“I recently had an amazing session with Alice. I’ve had kinesiology previously but this session was really interesting as Alice uses many other techniques … to support you on your journey to feeling great. I highly recommend seeing Alice – she is really supportive, empathetic and knowledgeable and awesome practitioners like her are hard to find!”

– Sim

I have had a session with the lovely Alice. what a relaxing and enlightening experience. Alice really listens and gets to know her clients in an open and non judgemental way. I would recommend Alice.

– Lucinda

“Thank you for such a lovely, relaxing and supportive session yesterday. You have a real gift for helping people feel safe and nurtured. I feel much better emotionally, things are in better perspective. Thank you so much.”

– Lisa

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